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Hydro power plant Matka Republic of Macedonia enlargement of surge tank
mapThe surveyed territory is situated in a seismic active area with potential occurrence of earthquakes of 8oMCS (Mercaly, Cancany, Sierbergovy) in magnitude. The last severe earthquake occurred in August 1963, when the intensity reached 9o MCS.
The existing surge tank will be enlarged from its original capacity of 305 m3 to the required effective capacity of 1440 m3, the actual capacity is greater - 1962 m3.cross section The tank’s bottom will be situated at elevation 309.2 m, the top edge of the t ...
ing. Emanuel Novák, 2005
JE Temelín - Store of spent fissionable fuel


Preparation of construction stock of spent nuclear fuel (SSNF) in the nuclear power plant Temelin based on Government Resolution No. 121/1997 from 5.3.1997, which the Government has recommended building storage of spent nuclear fuel in the area of nuclear power plants,  as a priority solution to the end of fuel cycle, before placing in the deep repository. Assumed operation of the reactor fuel i ...

2009 - Novák, Hanuš, Beneš

We worked up statical and dynamical calculation of approximately 40 masts and many other lower masts during 2002-2006.Mainly it was calculation of existing structures in the context of increasing load and height.For many of these masts, we have designed changes, reinforcement, extension or new outriggers.We had to collect necessary information by survey and measurement in many cases.The check of mast capacity was also connected with an overhaul of steel structure in many cases.St ...

ing. Chmelař, ing. Beneš, 2002-2006
Tower on hill Písek
The strenthening of the mast was induced by changing of a radar technolgy. The existing steel mast was coupled with reinforced concrete envelop thc. 236 mm. In a design stage the shrinkage of concret envelop was  solved in detail.
kolektiv autorů, 2004
Port Jerome
Carbon black dryer change induces global reconstruction of one factory part in Port Jerome in France. Reconstruction works was running during full operation. New designed steel structures must bee supported with the existing constructions. Existing high steel elevator towers and big silos was employed. Because we ware little information about existing structures, we had to detect and verify plenty off information in site. These facts complicated projection works. Documentation was made in Fre ...
ing. Vladimír Chmelař, 2003
Power plant Mother of Macedonia

Existing HPP Matka is located downstream, near to the dam body. Upstream, starting from this plant, HPP Kozjak, which is under construction, has larger installed flow of 100 m3/s. To avoid overflows and permanent oscillation of the water level in the storage this existing power plant will be enlarged. The purpose of the project is to produce electricity and to secure constant and favorable flow in the Treska River and in the main river in Republic of Macedonia, the river Vardar. ...

kolektiv autorů, 2005
Polypropylene plant
This plant is an industrial construction for production of polypropylen. High of the mast is 63 m, plane size is 7,5 x 6,0 m. Total plane size is 40x30 m. Total weight is 400 t.
ing. Vladimír Chmealř, 2001
Ericsson GSM
Eleven type of the masts produced by ERICSSON and JARME JARLSO was calculated. The high of the mast is from 16 m to 80 m. Static and dynamic calculation was made. Nonlinear theory was used for strand anchored mast. Tle mast was analyzed according to CSN and EC standarts.
kolektiv autorů
Siemens GSM
We analyzed probably 100 antenna masts. The project was made according to statical and dynamical calculations.
kolektiv autorů
Chimney at Varnsdorfu
The statics, dynamics and critical loading analysis of the slender chimney were made. The masonry of the chimney were checked according to ČSN 73 1101 (Design of masonry structures).
ing. Jan Bláha, 2002
Waste water treatment plant, Germany
The reinforced structure of the Waste water treatment plant was calculated. The high attentions was devote prediction of cracks. The calculation was made according to CSN and DIN law.
ing. Emanuel Novák, ing. Roman Balík