Statika s.r.o.


Our firm will provide design and assesments of structures in the shortest possible time. We design according to CSN code, EC, DIN, AISC and BS standarts. The latest calculation methods and theoretical research are used at the design process. The leaders of sections are authors many intristing structures. Our constructions futfil economic, aesthetic and product manufacture gualities. The constructions are designed from conceptual design to works documantation.

We provide expertise mainly in these fields:

  1. Design of structures
    • Design of concrete and reinforced concrete structures
    • Design of steel structures
    • Design of wooden structures
    • Design of foundations
    • Design of composite and combined constructions
    • Design of geotechnical constructions

  2. Reconstruction
    • Static assesments of current buildings
    • Temporary provision at reconstruction
    • Reconstruction of current structure parts
    • Design of new structure parts

  3. Current state investigation and expertise
    • Static, dynamic and strength tests of constructions
    • Consulting, engineering and advisory activitie 
  4. Special dynamic calculation
  5. Foresnic assesments
  6. Independent design check
  7. All part of documentation
  8. Engineering activity
  9. Special assistance at purchase realties
  10. All parts of design documents