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Polypropylene plant - SO 008 - Chemopetrol Litvinov:

ing. Vladimír Chmelař, 2003

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This building is an industrial construction for production of polypropylen. High of the mast is 63 m, plane size of the mast is 7,5 x 6,0 m. Total plane size is 40x30 m. Total weight is 400 t. The static and dynamic analyses was made by prog. IDA NEXIS. Dynamic impact of wind was calculated according to CSN 73 0035. Impact of earthguake (intensity 6 MKS-64) was calculated according to CSN 73 0036. Deformation of the top of the mast from impact of earthguake is 12 mm, it is 11% deformation of dynamic wind (111 mm). First natural freguency is 0,71 Hz. It is very similar to approximate formula for determine first natural freguency of high building.
B = width (8 m).
H = high of tle mast (43 m).

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