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Static and dynamic calculation of masts produced by the firm REIME JÄRLSO:

ing. Emanuel Novák, 2001

kmitání mostu - 1. vlastní tvar 0,80Hz Static and dynamic calculation has been made. The dynamic effects of wind were determined by (with) a simplified method mentioned in CSN 73 0035 - inset no. 2. A judgement has been made due to CSN 73 0035 and CSN 73 1430 with calculation with compliance to CSN P ENV 1991-2-4 (73 0035) and CSN P ENV 1993-3-1(73 1431). Due to calculation with compliance to CSN P ENV results 25%. higher inner force. This cirmcumstance is made by adjustements of referential speeds of the wind in CSN P ENV 1991-2-4 (73 0035).

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