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Sternthening of foundations of ZENTIVA building

The existing building was built in 1970. The bearing structutre is precast concrete frame. The building have one underground floor and eleven above – ground floor. The reconstruction and enlargement was made, total volume of the building is twice. The enlargement was made by precast skeleton. The complicated strenghtening of bracing, conections of the skeleton, solution of a fire resistence bearing structure and strenghtening of existing foundation was made. 
ing. Emanuel Novák, 2005
Foundation of generator
The foundation of generator was designed. A dynamic response forced vibration was calculated as responce general dynamic load. In this project we also solved a foundation of a crane (high 60 m) on a the edge of the shaft.
ing. Emanuel Novák, ing. Miroslav Císař, CSc.
Residental house
Residental house are consist of four houses with nine storey. The structure are designed as reinforced skeleton with thick slab without beam. The building pit was secured by gradualy maded partition. The distance of anchor was designed 3 m. The Dywidag prestressed system of anchores was used.
Silo ZZN Stakonice
The reinforced structure of the stock (dimenzion 20x12x40 m) was designed. The static and dynamic calculation was made. We solved 3 dimension calculation model with interaction foundation. In the process of the construction we measured deformation of the foundation. Results of the measure are corresponding with a prediction.
ing. Emanuel Novák
Machinery hall AMAFILTER
ing. Emanuel Novák2001