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Static and dynamic calculation of masts produced by ERICSSON - Mast Moveable 41m:

ing. Emanuel Novák, 2000

axonometrie stožáru deformace základových patek  - nelineární kombinace - diagonální vítr
Anchored latticed mast 41 m high is anchored at 3 levels. Foundation is made on prefabricated base (shoe) of 25 kN weight, which is possitioned on the terrain. Static and dynamic calculation has been made. The dynamic effects of wind were determined by a simplified method mentioned in CSN 73 0035 - inset no. 2. During the first calculation the shoes were moduled as stiff support (bearings), because the reactions in the support bearings were in combination with diagonal wind higher then weight of it´s own base shoe, calculated module has been made inclusive of shoes on the flexible subsoil (subsoil has been moduled by Winkler-Pasternak model). This more real model of mast proved stability of the mast, but the windword footing is in combination of diagonal wind lifting (itself). More deformations are occuring in top part of the mast and more axis forces at angle staffs when the footing is lifted up. Effective lenght of angle staff was determined by stability calculation and we can state, that it´s in correspondce with formulas reffered to in CSN 73 1401.