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Regeneration of panel buildings Jemnická:

ing. Emanuel Novák, 2005

The existing precast wall building (system T06B) have 1 ug. floor and 8 ab.g floor. The lenght of the house is 36,5m, the high is 24,6 m. The span of the wall (th. 140) mm) is 3,6m. The ceelings panels are th of 120 mm. The strenthening of the new  door opennigs was persued. For stenthening was used steel activate frame and carbon belt and sheet. The existing recomondations is suitable for minimalizing of the reconstruction. It is neccecary design with of the openning the same as a openning in the higher flloor. Co - ordination of a possition new opennings, the opennings designed above itself and the same width or in the difrent position, but with satisfactory distance. 

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