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Strakonice Castle

The relic house related to the castle of town Starkonice. The object was amateriushly reconstructed in the last time. The reconstruction of the roofing was designed. The strenthening of the existing hanging truss roff was persued. The criiteria of the servisability state for roofing was crucial signification.

Reconstruction of the rooffing
Rennaissance roofing for the municipal house in Volyne
Static reference of rental houses.
Factory building Strakonice
The roofing of the manufacturing hall was proposed from combination reinforced frame and wood trusses. The span of reinforced frame is 12 m, the span of the trusses is 16 m.
ing. Emanuel Novák, 2001
Family house

The project solve change in truss without purlins. The span of he roof is 11 m.
ing. Emanuel Novák, 2001