Hydro power plant Matka Republic of Macedonia enlargement of surge tank:

ing. Emanuel Novák, 2006

cross sectionThe main objective of this static calculation is to establish safe procedure of surge tank enlarging at Matka’s power house in Skopje. Moreover, calculation has to verify proposed excavation procedures and also designed lining. To make a calculation as closer reality as feasibly possible finite element method was used. Within this case finite element analyses were carried out in plain strain conditions using a package known as PLAXIS version 7.2. The area where the enlarging of surge tank is going to be excavated is seismically active. The earthquake was assumed according to EC8, the lateral force method was used.
The construction must withstand earthquake up to 9°MCS (Mercaly, Kankany, Zieberg scale). All calculations and results hereinafter are presented at the level of building approval.

excavations Matka Macedonia input model deformed mesh bending moment relative shear stress map

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